The I Left Z Post is a medium yardage passing play.   [jwplayer mediaid="2100"] Passing Play Passing Play to One Receiver Backs Block for QB   Receiver Needs to Make Cut Quickly Z Receiver Runs a Post Route O-Line Pass Blocks     Read more [...]
OK, I know I'm being a bit knit picky here, but how in the world do you have a Hall of Fame QB on a commercial and have an illegal formation in the ad?  5 men lined up in the back field (illegal) 12 men on the field for the offense Yes knit picky, but come on guys! A little quality control please. Read more [...]


It’s that time of year again. Time to watch my Auburn Tigers Roll over the Tide. War Eagle! alabama_crimson_tide

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With the season now upon us, coaches everywhere are trying to figure out how to get all the minimum play players in. In my teams case we have 27 players and the minimum play rule requires 8 plays per game. We have created a spreadsheet to help you make sense of this daunting task. The spreadsheet allows you to plug in your starting offense and defense and automatically identifies the "SUB" Players and how many plays they need. This is a great way to help you figure out your SUB strategy. Good Read more [...]
EZPLAYZ is pleased to offer all (Over 640) plays for $11.99! The Entire EZPLAYZ play collection. Includes bonus Formations of Trips and Wedge! Share plays with your assistant coaches, players and player's parents with EZ to email JPEG images files. Please note these are static versions of the lays and are not Animated Playbook includes: 165 Unique Running Plays 482 Unique Pass Plays EZ to share 840 x 400 JPEG image files 647 Unique Plays At $11.99, this is the best value anywhere! Read more [...]
Now that we have the first couple of nights under our belts on the practice field, the inevitable has started, parents complaining about the coaching staff. You can't make everyone happy all the time, at least that's what they say. The same applies to football. A coach may have a different idea than that of a parent when it comes to where their kid should play. This can quickly develop into a tedious parent/coach relationship. It doesn't matter what you do, it will happen every season. It's like Read more [...]
Bring Youth Football Plays and Formations to the Field! We are pleased to announce that we have added smartphone browsing capability to ! With the added capability you can browse, search and pull up all the free football plays at on your Android, iPhone, i Pad and other smart phone platforms. We will be tweaking it's interface over the next few days to improve performance. Let us know what Read more [...]
It's that time again! In less than 6 hours we will be taking the field for the first night of evaluations! Can't wait! After doing this for years I have compiled a list of do's and don'ts tips. Keep in mind I am not a medical expert, but just a coach whose been around a ton of kids. DO Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Hydration doesn't start on the practice field, it starts at home. A youth athlete should drink water through out the day to ensure that they are properly hydrated when they hit the Read more [...]
EZPLAYZ.COM is pleased to announce the addition of MP4 version of all the EZPLAYZ plays. With the new MP4 versions available, it is now possible to uses EZPLAYZ with your Apple Device (IPad, IPhone, etc.). We will have all of the  playbooks available by 7/16, although about half of them are available now. Click here to visit EZPLAYZ [jwplayer mediaid="1967"] click on movie to play and pause Read more [...]
The SWOT Analysis   SWOT stands for Strength-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats. Understanding these are very important in planning a business as well as planning your football team. Let's say your assessing your upcoming season and getting ready for the draft. You take a look at your team from the previous year and list your Strengths and Weaknesses: Strengths Solid Backfield Smart Quarterback Strong O-Line Weaknesses No Back up QB; if QB injured what will I do? Undersized Read more [...]
Now that we have the mission statement and objectives complete we need to put together the Management Summary. This I have found is one of the most difficult parts of creating a business plan. Why is it so hard? You are essentially defining roles and responsibilities for each member of your coaching staff. You are putting limitations what your coaching staff can and can't do. You are potentially pissing off long time friends by limiting their role. Maybe your starting fresh and haven't Read more [...]
David "Deacon" Jones, the original sackmaster, has died. The Hall of Fame defensive end credited with terming the word sack for how he knocked down quarterbacks, was 74. The Washington Redskins said that Jones died of natural causes at his home in Southern California on Monday night. [+] Enlarge Manny Rubio/USA TODAY Sports Hall of Famer Deacon Jones, the leader of the Fearsome Foursome defensive line for the Rams in the 1960s, died Monday. He was 74. "Deacon Jones was one of the greatest Read more [...]



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