This is a great play to suck in the defense and then nail them on the long route. In the picture you see above and the video below, we ran this exact base play (Wildcat Option Right) for the three plays previous and moved the ball 40+ yards. In this formation we had about 6 variants of it. The three previous playsbefore this one were: Wildcat Option Right 12 Delay (QB fakes hand off to 2 back underneath and then follows 4 back as lead blocker up the middle) -Play went for 12 yards Wildcat Read more [...]
The Power I Right Fake 32 Dive Weak Option is a medium yardage option play. Option Play Fake Dive to 3-Back Through 2-Hole 2-Back Fake Blocks Right   QB Keeps the Ball and Bootlegs Left 4-Back Sweeps Left for Pitch Option O-Line Pass Blocks   Read more [...]
In the Wedge Right (it’s a hybrid, but Wedge Right Hybrid is too long) my entire right side of the line (G,T,X,Z) is MPPs(Minimum Play Players). Key Points are: The right side maintains tight splits while the left side, who are my starters, maintain about 2.5’ splits (11 year olds). The Z is lined up off the ball, standing up, to create confusion for the defense. The 3 and 4 Backs are about 2 yards off the line; they are in a two point stance, crouched over a little bit more than normal. The Read more [...]
The Wishbone 43 Lead Fake 18 Bootleg is a medium yardage running play. Running Play 4-Back Fakes Dive to 3-Hole QB Bootlegs to the 8 Hole 2- Back Fake Blocks for 4 Back 3-Back Lead Blocks for QB O-Line Run blocks Read more [...]


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